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  • Turner, Malaika M. (2015-08-07)
    This study examines the impact of technology on at-risk digital natives who have transitioned from high school to college, at a regional campus of a Midwestern Pennsylvania University. While the term digital native has ...
  • Grahek, Katie L. (2015-08-07)
    Laryngeal diadochokinesis (L-DDK) tasks, which use glottal production of syllables to assess laryngeal function and movement, have the potential to be a favorable diagnostic tool due to a noninvasive and easy-to-administer ...
  • Tomik, Michael Carl (2015-08-07)
    Dilute magnetic semiconductor (DMS) materials are a new class of materials with many interesting properties and potential applications. These materials are bulk non-magnetic semiconductor compounds doped with magnetic ...
  • Sierka, Christopher Eric (2015-08-07)
    Electrodeposition is a process, which uses an electrical current to reduce cations of a desired material from a solution and coat that material as a thin film onto a conductive substrate surface. In this case, zinc cations ...
  • Brennan, Eric (2015-08-07)
    My work considers landscape more than a physical place but as a cultural construct that can be decoded to inform our understanding of cultural identity. The term landscape has a variety of meanings and connotations. By ...

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